Service Schedule
9:30 am
Sunday School
10:30 am
11:30 am

Bible Study
7:00 pm

Al Malo
206 W Illinois
Oblong, IL 62449
(618) 480-1053
(618) 544-1823
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Church Address
P.O. Box 28
Oblong, IL 62449


Salem Missionary
Baptist Church

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Spreading the Gospel for over 150 years.

Salem Missionary Baptist Church is located in Willow Hill, Jasper County, IL. We were organized on August 18th in 1852 by Elder A. J. Fuson, Missionary and Pastor of the Goodhope Baptist Church of Crawford County, a descendant of the Bryan Station Baptist Church in Lexington, KY.

We would like to welcome Pastor Al Malo and his wife Wanda.

Welcome, and thank you for visiting our site! We want to extend our invitation to you, come and join us!

Singles Conference, August 1-3, 2013. Click here for more info, or visit the SMBC Regulars Facebook Page for details.

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A Brief Outline of our beliefs

Below is a brief outline of what we believe. For more detailed writings of our doctrine and faith, please check out our Doctrinal Statement .


We are a truly independent church as were all the churches of the New Testament. We are not affiliated with any man-made external organization be it a Convention, Association, Fellowship or Mission Board. Our only Head is the Lord Jesus Christ and our only headquarters is in heaven. We fellowship with sister churches of like precious faith and practice, and support missionaries sent forth by the authority of such churches.


We affirm without apology the doctrines frequently identified as the "Fundamentals of the Faith," which include deity, virgin birth, sinless life, substitutionary death, bodily resurrection, and imminent return of Jesus Christ. We reject, however, the prevalent concept that other doctrines clearly taught in God's Word are "non-essentials." Christ said: Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven." (Matt. 5:19)


We believe that Christians should bring forth the fruits of salvation in their lives and that their relationships with Christ should affect every aspect of their lives: the clothes they wear, the language they use, the activities they participate in, the places they frequent, and even the jobs they hold. Christians should seek to separate themselves from evil of every sort.

Landmark (Historical)

We believe only Scriptural Baptist churches can make a legitimate claim to an unbroken succession back to the time of Christ and the apostles. Christ built only one kind of church and that church is described in the New Testament. The only churches meeting the requirements of that description today are true Baptist churches. Baptist churches have existed in every age since their founding by Christ, though they have not always been known by that name. We do not deny that there are those in other so-called "churches" that have been born again by the grace of God. We do deny, however, that these man-made organizations are true churches of our Lord Jesus Christ.


We believe that the duty of a church is to preach the Gospel (I Cor. 15:1-4) to every creature everywhere (Mark 16:15). Not only do we do this locally, but in accordance with Matthew 28:19, 20, we send and support missionaries in every part of the world.

King James Bible Believing

We believe in the verbal plenary inspiration of the Holy Scriptures. We believe that God has preserved His very words in the transmission of His Word as found in the King James Bible. We believe that the bible as we have it today in the King James Version is the Word of God in the English language in a sense that cannot be said of any other translation.

Sovereign Grace

We believe that God loved his elect with an everlasting love and that they are redeemed, quickened, and saved, not by themselves, nor through their own works, but only and wholly by God, of His own free grace and mercy. We believe that God will unfailingly call His elect unto Himself and bring them to belief in the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that we are responsible to do our part in ensuring that the gospel is carried through out the world. We are opposed to cheap or high-pressure methods of evangelism, and to the preaching of easy-believism, which neglects the essential of Biblical repentance. We believe that it is impossible for one to accept Christ as Savior while rejecting Him as Lord.

God has not changed.

God's Word has not changed.

If we claim faithfulness to Him and His Word, we cannot change or compromise.